Zimbabwean Guests for 2011

We welcome these new and returning Zimbabwean guests for our twentieth year of the Zimbabwean Music Festival!

Visiting Zimfest for the first time, we are excited to have:

  • Machanic Manyeruke
  • Piwai
  • James Buzuzi
  • Martha Thom
  • James Mujuru

Returning teachers traveling from Zimbabwe are:

  • Patience Chaitezvi
  • Trymore Jombo
  • Forward Kwenda
  • Jacob Mafuleni
  • Godfrey Mambira
  • John Mambira
  • Tonderai Ndava
  • Peacheson Ngoshi
  • Caution Shonhai

We are also thrilled to have these Zimbabweans returning to Zimfest from the U.S., Canada, and England to share their uniqueness and talents:

  • Zivanai Masango
  • Lucky Moyo
  • Maria Minnaar-Bailey
  • Kurai Blessing Mubaiwa
  • Paul Mataruse (teaching as a member of Ruzivo)
  • Tendai Muparutsa

In addition, these Zimbabweans are complemented by a dynamic group of excellent North American performers and teachers.

For the complete list of teacher biographies, please see the Teachers page.

Welcome our Zimbabwean Guests on Thursday evening with the Zimfest Zimbabwean Dinner, followed by evening concerts and the opening ceremony.

Sponsor a Zimbabwean Guest

Each year Zimfest strives to invite as many Zimbabwean teachers as possible to the festival. The festival covers all the costs for meals and housing, as well as some transportation costs for our Zimbabwean teachers. We look to our wonderful Zimbabwean Music community to help make this festival the best that it can be, and to help with some of the financial burden that the festival incurs. Some of the ways that you can assist with this are:

  • Registering for workshops (this directly supports the teachers)
  • Helping with travel (driving a teacher to or from the festival or bringing teachers to and from the airport), or
  • Making donations either individually or as a group. For example, if a marimba band of 7 people donated $30 each, this amount would cover most of the cost of food and housing for a Zimbabwean teacher for the whole weekend.

The cost of supporting each teacher for housing, meals and travel is well over $500, so any and all donations are welcome and appreciated. Not only do the donations help with our guests’ expenses, but it will also help keep other costs of the festival down, such as workshops, meals, etc.

Any and all donations are welcome and appreciated. You may make a donation as part of your online or mailed-in registration, or you may send a check directly to Zimfest 2011. All donations are tax deductible.