Beginning Mbira - Chigwaya

Teacher: Jacob Mafuleni

Age Levels: Teens, Adults

Skill Levels: Introductory/Beginner

Topics: Mbira

Audio recording allowed. Video recording allowed.

Cost: $28

This powerful song is played in all parts of Zimbabwe. The belief is that the water spirits, through possession, help to guide and give answers to the people. The workshop will teach the basic call and response mbira parts and---time permitting---the singing lines. Cosmas (Standard) mbira tuning will be used.

Student Materials

Some Cosmas (Standard) tuning mbiras will be provided, but bring yours if you have one.

Session Location Length
Session 8 (Sun 3:30 PM) McNary Floor 3 Lounge 2 hours

Workshop Enrollment

Current Students Workshop Spaces Remaining Space
10 10 N/A
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This workshop is full