Intermediate Marimba - Nhemamusasa Ye Kutanga

Teacher: Wanda Walker

Age Levels: Teens, Adults

Skill Levels: Intermediate

Topics: Marimba

Audio recording allowed. Video recording allowed.

Cost: $28

This workshop teaches a marimba arrangement based on mbira parts taught by Cosmas Magaya. The arrangement begins with a call and response from one side of the ensemble to the other, with two sopranos and a tenor providing a trio on each side speaking back and forth to one another. Wanda feels the swirling of the song is like being "inside the head" of a mbira player during a bira (ceremony). This arrangement is in the key of C. This workshop will be taught on marimbas without F#s.

You may listen to a sound file of a somewhat more advanced version of the arrangement through a link on this webpage.

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Session Location Length
Session 1 (Fri 9:30 AM) Church Building 2 hours

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