Zimfest 2011 Teachers

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Erica Azim (more)

Erica Azim

Erica Azim fell in love with Shona mbira music when she first heard it at the age of 16. In 1974, Erica became one of the first Americans to study mbira in Zimbabwe. Since then, she has studied and performed solo and with many of Zimbabwe's top mbira masters at venues ranging from Zimbabwean village ceremonies to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and ...

Jaiaen Beck (more)

Jaiaen Beck

Jaiaen Beck was introduced to a life-transforming path through a lecture on Shona spirituality given by the late Dr. Abraham Dumisani Maraire. Since 1990, she has worked with many teachers studying Shona music, cosmology, and healing traditions.

In 1993, Jaiaen founded Ancient Ways, a charitable non-profit organization encouraging preservation of the life-giving traditional ways of indigenous peoples, based in Oregon's mid-Willamette Valley. Since then, she has taught music to people of all ages, locally ...

Nathan Beck (more)

Nathan Beck

Nathan Beck has been a percussionist since high school. He was very involved in a drum and bugle corps (the Argonauts and Santa Clara Vanguard) in the 1980s. After graduating from Lewis & Clark College in 1992, Nathan joined Boka Marimba.

Taken by the sounds of Zimbabwean music, he spent 18 months traveling and learning the mbira tradition in Zimbabwe. Some of Nathan's teachers include Tute Chigamba, Garadziva Chigamba, Garikayi Tirikoti, Wiri Chigonga, Cosmas Magaya ...

Jeff Brahe (more)

Jeff Brahe

Jeff Brahe began playing Zimbabwean music at the age of 10. He joined Ande Marimba in Santa Fe, New Mexico and eventually became the leader of the band. For the past 8 years he has studied and played with Chris Berry and is a member of his performing group. Jeff has traveled around the US, teaching and lecturing. He recently graduated from the University of Puget Sound and now lives close to Seattle, Washington.

James Buzuzi (more)

James Buzuzi

James is the newest member of Bongo Love and is an accomplished jazz guitarist who has performed with many prominent Zimbabwean artists and bands, including Color Blu and Dudu Manhenga. He has also performed at the Harare Jazz Festival. James plays the popular Sungura style guitar with much joy and is known for exciting the audience and getting the whole crowd up and dancing.

Patience Chaitezvi (more)

Patience Chaitezvi

Patience Chaitezvi grew up immersed in mbira music within her family. Her mother is a traditional healer and medium of several spirits. She learned to play mbira from her brothers and has played mbira in traditional Shona ceremonies all her life. Patience also plays hosho and ngoma. She is an experienced and accomplished traditional Shona dancer and a very patient teacher. Patience is one of the only Zimbabwean mbira players to have both a university ...

Chiroto (more)


Chiroto (dream) was formed in May of 2007 as a community music project by Tendai Muparutsa. Chiroto is comprised of seven members from Moscow and Lewiston, Idaho, Cle Elum, Washington, and Edmonton, Canada, sharing Zimbabwean music. The members are: Sue Byrne, Mary Donohoe, JoAnn Evans, Jacqueline Fallon, Tendai Muparutsa, Jocelyn Oakley, and Marsha Ramey. Chiroto performs traditional and contemporary Zimbabwean music on marimbas and other instruments such as harp, flute, flugelhorn, trumpet, banjo, voice, congas ...

Kite Giedraitis (more)

Kite Giedraitis

Kite Giedraitis has been playing Shona music since 1987 and began teaching in Portland, Oregon, in 1989. He was an original member of Boka Marimba, playing with them for three years before traveling 12 months in Zimbabwe and three months in Ghana.

Kite currently plays with Fools In Paradise, which he founded in 2001. Many bands have evolved out of Kite's marimba classes: Zuva, Flying Safari Ants, Chiremba, White Rhino, Zimba, Born on Tuesday ...

Hokoyo (more)


We are Hokoyo Marimba, playing traditional and contemporary Zimbabwean dance music on seven marimbas, mbira, and drum set.

Initially a youth ensemble, Hokoyo has aged into a top-notch group of musicians, spreading their high-energy trance-inducing music to venues and events such as the Boulder Theater, the Eugene Celebration, the Oregon Country Fair, and countless other events in Oregon and elsewhere.

Hokoyo partnered with master Zimbabwean musicians Musekiwa Chingodza and Ambuya Beauler Dyoko to record their ...

Trymore Jombo (more)

Trymore Jombo

Trymore (a member of Bongo Love) started his music career spinning records. He was know then as "Lt. Zorro" by his childhood friends in Chitungwiza. Unfulfilled by this path, he began studying marimba and mbira on his own and later trained to be a sound engineer, which led him to John Mambira. Both he and John were employed by Dumi Ngulube's band at the time and it didn't take long for the two ...

Claire Jones (more)

Claire Jones

Claire Jones has been involved with Zimbabwean music since 1976 when she first fell in love with marimbas and started studying with the late Dumisani Maraire. She performed for several years with Dumi and the Maraire Marimba Ensemble both in the U.S. and in Zimbabwe, and was a founding member of the marimba groups Kutamba and Musango in Seattle. While living in Zimbabwe from 1985 to 1990, Claire played mbira with Mhuri Yekwa Muchena ...

MyLinda King (more)

MyLinda King

MyLinda King played with Boka Marimba between 1989 and 1999. During that time, she studied with Dumi Maraire, Ephat Mujuru, and MaiChi Nemarundwe. MyLinda has been teaching marimba groups in schools, music camps, and at her home in Portland, Oregon, since 1994. She also gives workshops to local marimba bands and enjoys making hosho for the Zimbabwean music community. In 2008, MyLinda was featured on OPB's Oregon Artbeat.

Forward Kwenda (more)

Forward Kwenda

Master musician Forward Kwenda is known as a musical phenomenon in Zimbabwe and as "the Coltrane of mbira" in international circles. A musical prodigy, he began recording shortly after teaching himself to play mbira in his early teens. As a young boy, Forward excelled in traditional dance and recitation of ancient poetry. At the age of 8, he began to play ngoma (drums) and hosho (gourd rattles) for his mother's rain-making spirit. His soulful ...

Jennifer Kyker Bangoura (more)

Jennifer Kyker Bangoura

Jennifer Kyker Bangoura has been studying Shona music since 1990, with teachers including Musekiwa Chingodza, Mondrek Muchena, Tute Chigamba, and Cosmas Magaya. She has lived in Zimbabwe for almost six years, and has taught at the Zimbabwe College of Music as a Fulbright Fellow. Jennifer finished her PhD in ethnomusicology at the University of Pennsylvania in April, 2010. She is also the founder and director of Tariro, a non-profit working to educate and empower Zimbabwean ...

Jacob Mafuleni (more)

Jacob Mafuleni

Jacob Mafuleni, of Mbira dzeMuninga, is a multitalented gwenyambira who is as equally adept at ngoma, dance, and guitar as he is with mbira. Jacob is a highly sought-after musician in Zimbabwe, performing with the renowned musician Chiwoniso Maraire and Vibe Culture. He was previously a member of Mawungira Enharira and has recently formed the band, Sweet Calabash, in Zimbabwe.

Godfrey Mambira (more)

Godfrey Mambira

Godfrey (member of Bongo Love) grew up playing his father's drums with his brother John. He also experimented with dancing as a youngster, which he still employs during performances. When John brought home a baritone marimba one day, Godfrey (also known as "Shoes") excitedly started experimenting on it and never put down the mallets. Like John, he has involved himself with many community music projects over the years and has made it his job ...

John Mambira (more)

John Mambira

Before forming Bongo Love with his brother Godfrey (Mpho) and friends Trymore and Themba, John was involved in many forms of art: acting, dancing, singing and playing music. He worked with various groups, both amateur and professional, and he has taught workshops at many festivals. A phenomenal drummer, marimba player and singer with a wide vocal range, he heads up most of the arrangements and writes the lyrics to the group's songs.

Zivanai Masango (more)

Zivanai Masango

Zivanai Masango is a very experienced performer and teacher of music as well as a recording artist and engineer/producer. He has over 15 years experience teaching various forms of music, and performs in the U.S.A., Zimbabwe, and internationally, sharing the stage with some of the world's most notable artists. For more information about Zivanai, please visit www.zivimusic.com.

Amy Stewart McIntosh (more)

Amy Stewart McIntosh

Amy is Kutandara Center's program director. She has an amazing ability to organize ideas, people, and things, and spends much time at Kutandara Center doing so. Amy began studying African music in 1994 with master instructors from Zimbabwe and the United States. She is adept at many African instruments, but especially loves marimba and hosho, and plays both with style and grace.

Amy reminds students and instructors alike that music is not only about ...

Randy McIntosh (more)

Randy McIntosh

Randy is Kutandara Center's music director. He graduated from Colorado State University in 1992 with a bachelor's degree in music, and from the University of Colorado in 1996 with a master's degree in music composition. Randy's love of Zimbabwean music inspired him to write and arrange his own Shona-style compositions; he is Kutandara Center's composer and musical visionary.

Eric Miller (more)

Eric Miller

Eric Miller loves Zimbabwean music and American music too. Naturally, he combines the things he loves into a “super love,” forming bands such as Pachi Pamwe and the Supadupa Marimba Bros. This is also why he doesn't play in Boka Marimba anymore; but he still likes Boka, and even plays in the Boka Boyz! Eric also enjoys playing mbira music in the traditional way with his teachers/friends: Nathan Beck and Marian Grebanier. Eric ...

Maria Minnaar-Bailey (more)

Maria Minnaar-Bailey

Maria Minnaar-Bailey grew up in rural Zimbabwe in the late 1960s as a “missionary kid” whose parents worked for the Swedish Lutheran Church. Maria's love for the music and culture of Zimbabwe was nurtured by her father, Olof Axelsson, who was a teacher, church musician and ethnomusicologist. He became Director of Kwanongoma College of African Music in 1972, and moved his family to Bulawayo. As a result, Maria learned how to play African marimbas ...

Lucky Moyo (more)

Lucky Moyo

Lucky Moyo hails from Zimbabwe via the United Kingdom. An arts enthusiast, Lucky has travelled into well more than 32 countries worldwide and performed for dignitaries Nelson Mandela and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and shared stages with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Graig David, and Moby; the list is long. Lucky remains a down-to-earth artist whose work focus is “art for art's sake” and the importance the role arts holds in various social ...

Kurai Blessing Mubaiwa (more)

Kurai Blessing Mubaiwa

Kurai Blessing Mubaiwa was born and raised in Murewa, Zimbabwe, and picked up mbira at age 6. He was very fascinated by the instrument's sound and physics around it, soon becoming an outstanding child in the village for having figured it all out at that age. Kurai was able to source some material around village folks who used to play mbira before. He moved to Harare just after high school and joined Savannah Arts ...

James Mujuru (more)

James Mujuru

James Mujuru believes music to be the channel to ever-existing life. When he sings and plays, James opens this channel, connecting with his ancestors and bringing the wisdom of the past into the present. Now residing in Canada half time, he continues to perform, create, teach, and share, keeping the traditions of his people alive.

James teaches music in cultural centers and schools in North America and across Zimbabwe, inspiring many to learn the sacred ...

Tendai Muparutsa (more)

Tendai Muparutsa

Tendai Muparutsa is a trained schoolteacher from Mutare Teachers’ College and has taught in both rural and urban elementary schools in Zimbabwe. His talents and abilities promoted him to music lecturer at Marymount Teachers’ College in 2002. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Zimbabwe in 2004. After completing his studies at the University of Zimbabwe in 2005, he went on to teach at Midlands State University in Gweru, Zimbabwe ...

Tonderai Ndava (more)

Tonderai Ndava

Tonderai Ndava, youngest member of Mbira dzeMuninga, has a highly improvisational style of mbira playing, yet is deeply spiritual at the same time, routinely summoned to play at traditional spiritual ceremonies in his village. Tonde plays the rhythm mbira (hweva), adding harmonic vocals and wildly entertaining dance moves.

Peacheson Ngoshi (more)

Peacheson Ngoshi

Peacheson Ngoshi (Mhofu) is also know as “Peaches.” Mhofu's hosho is the crucial backbone to everything that happens in a Mbira dzeMuninga performance. Often understated in his playing, Mhofu can whip an arrangement into a frenzy with the stroke of one hand so subtly that it almost seems as if he is whispering into everyone's ear that they need to speed up. In addition to his hosho, Mhofu plays the Nhovapasi (bass) mbira ...

Jeremy Phillips (more)

Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy Phillips, co-founder of Zimma-Rimba and published author, currently resides in Texas with his wife, Mary Carla, and daughter, Chloe. He received his bachelor's in music education, a master's in saxophone performance from The University of Georgia, and continued doctoral studies at the University of North Texas.

Jeremy has been teaching elementary music at Pinkerton Elementary School in Coppell, Texas, for nine years, and has been actively involved in Zimbabwean-style marimba music for ...

Piwai (more)


Piwai is a bona fide singer/songwriter, mbira player, and percussionist, whose reverberating soulful voice & dynamic stage presence has left audiences pumped up for more mystifying and exotic sounds. Her background started while growing up in Zimbabwe. Piwai was always surrounded by music from her family’s rural home where jiti was a common sound at night. From a young age she was influenced by music from the Zimbabwean Catholic Church and the Suthu and ...

Val Rogers (more)

Val Rogers

Val Rogers is a teacher and passionate organizer working to expand and enrich the community singing experience. Intensely drawn to southern African choral singing since first encountering it over a decade ago, Val's devotion to learning and sharing this music is driven by the powerful sense of joy and bonding the participants experience. Her knowledge and love of this song/dance tradition has been nurtured by Zimbabwean, South African, and North American teachers, especially ...

Ruzivo (more)


Ruzivo includes Paul Mataruse, Dana Moffett, Rose Orskog, Lonnie Welsh, Hannah Wahl and Jocelyn Oakley. Various members of this group will team teach several marimba workshops during Zimfest using the approach that they have used at Camp Ruzivo on Whidbey Island.

Ruzivo takes traditional and contemporary Zimbabwean music and infuses it with Paul Mataruse's musical sensibilities borne out of all night jam sessions in his hometown of Harare, Zimbabwe. What emerges is a musical ...

Sheree Seretse (more)

Sheree Seretse

Sheree Seretse began her extensive study of Zimbabwean music at the University of Washington with Dumisani Maraire and began teaching with him in 1973. In 1975, Sheree began classes with Lora Chiorah to teachers for college credit; and in 1978, Sheree began teaching marimba, dance, and drums at the Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center, where she remained as staff for 30 years.

Sheree is also the director of three ensembles which have performed various places ...

Caution Shonhai (more)

Caution Shonhai

Caution Shonhai is an internationally known performer of Shona mbira music. In his region of Zimbabwe (Nyamweda, Mhondoro), he is an important musician, traditional healer, and spirit medium. Caution is devoted to preserving Shona traditions and traditional music in Zimbabwe, and enjoys teaching both at home and abroad explaining traditional Shona culture and beliefs, as well as teaching and performing mbira, drums, hosho (gourd rattles), singing, and traditional dance.

The Sissons (more)

The Sissons

Micah Sisson has been playing with Mukana Marimba since 1999, and teaches parts to current players. He has attended more than six Zimfests, served on the organizing committee for Zimfest 2007, and also taught marimba workshops at Zimfest 2010. Micah has attended the workshops of many teachers, including Farai Geze, Michael Breez, Stephen Golovnin, Sheree Seretse, Michael Sibanda, Randy Macintosh, Amy Stewart, and more.

Keenan Sisson has been playing Marimba in Mukana Marimba as a ...

Peter Swing (more)

Peter Swing

A student of Dumi Maraire since 1988 and original member (including music director from 1991−1993) of Boka Marimba, Peter has been a key member of Jaka and director of Trillium Marimba ensemble. He works full time building marimbas, teaching at Pauli Swing Studio and a local school in Santa Fe, and as head of the new marimba band, Polyphony Marimba.

Karin Tauscher (more)

Karin Tauscher

Karin Tauscher has had a life-long passion for music and studied voice, guitar, and piano before discovering marimba in the early 1990s. She began studying Zimbabwean music in 1995 and has enjoyed learning from numerous North American and Zimbabwean musicians, including Sheasby Matiure, Musekiwa Chingodza, Cosmas Magaya, Fradreck Mujuru, Tendai Muparutsa, Michael Breez, Nathan Beck, and many others.

Karin has been teaching marimba to youth and adults in Washington and Oregon since 1998. Since moving ...

Martha Thom (more)

Martha Thom

Martha Thom graces Mbira dzeMuninga as an impeccably skilled traditional dancer, hosho player and singer. Her energy and skill is hard to match. She began performing in her primary level of school and continued to dance in school performing groups through 1992 when she then joined Shingayi Traditional Dance Group in Harare. She has taught student groups and private lessons at the College of Music. In 2003, Thom joined Chiwoniso and Vibe Culture and toured ...

Wanda Walker (more)

Wanda Walker

Wanda Walker has taught marimba at Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center in Eugene, Oregon, since 1999, privately since 2002, and at Zimfest since 2003. She performs with Kutsinhira ensembles Jenaguru and Zambuko, as well as Mudzidzi mbira group. Wanda has studied mbira, singing, and marimba with Zimbabwean musicians Cosmas Magaya, Musekiwa Chingodza, Ambuya Beauler Dyoko, Chartwell Dutiro, Sheasby Matiure, Irene Chigamba, and Paul Mataruse, among others. Wanda has arranged several traditional mbira songs for marimba, and ...

Mandy Walker-LaFollette (more)

Mandy Walker-LaFollette

Mandy Walker-LaFollette was introduced to Zimbabwean music as a toddler when her parents began taking classes at Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center in Eugene, Oregon. She soon intermittently played marimba, but began seriously studying mbira in 1998 and marimba in 2000. Mandy's teachers include Musekiwa Chingodza, Cosmas Magaya, Ambuya Beauler Dyoko, and Sheasby Matiure. She performs with Hokoyo, Jenaguru, and Zambuko Marimba. Mandy has arranged and co-arranged several mbira songs for marimba, including Nyuchi, Mukatiende ...

West Ave Crew (more)

 West Ave Crew

The West Ave Crew is a trio of friends, band mates, and marimba players based in Boulder, Colorado: Jesse Larson, Austin Fracchia, and Joe Goodhew. The trio plays and teaches together so much, deciding to give themselves a group name just made sense; they are named after the street running adjacent to the Kutandara Center (Western Avenue).

The crew has performed and taught with each other in a number of groups including Tamba!, Musha Marimba ...

Ted Wright (more)

Ted Wright

Ted Wright's love for Shona music began with Marimba Muzuva in 1993. He has been a teacher of marimba, mbira, chipendani and gumboot dancing for many years, and has travelled to Zimbabwe three times, studying and performing with many of Zimbabwe's top traditional musicians. In addition to Muzuva, his musical projects have included the world beat improvisational ensemble Spirit Gate, mbira quartet Choto, and Zimbabwean roots dance bands Zimfusion and Jambanja. Ted organizes ...