Session 7

1:00 PM Sunday, August 14.


Name Teacher(s) Enrollment
Singing & Dancing - South African Choral Dance songs
Singing, Dance, Music Educator: Teens, Adults; Any skill level
Val Rogers 14 students
[no limit]
Intermediate Mbira - Taireva yekare
Mbira: Teens, Adults; Intermediate
Caution Shonhai 8/10 students
Beginning Hosho for Marimba Players
Hosho: Teens, Adults; Introductory/Beginner
Karin Tauscher 9/20 students
Intermediate Guitar - Marenje
Guitar: Teens, Adults; Intermediate
Peter Swing 6/9 students
Intermediate Marimba - Chigwaya
Marimba: Teens, Adults; Intermediate
Randy McIntosh 9/9 students
Beginning Mbira - Machena
Mbira: Teens, Adults; Introductory/Beginner
Erica Azim 9/10 students
Advanced Beginning Mbira (nyunga nyunga) - Explorations Level 2
Mbira: Teens, Adults; Advanced Beginner
Tendai Muparutsa 3/12 students
Advanced Mbira - Nyamaropa yevana vamushonga
Mbira: Teens, Adults; Advanced
James Mujuru 10/10 students
Intensive: Advanced Beginning Marimba (Intensive) - Buka Tiende
Marimba: Teens, Adults; Advanced Beginner
Kurai Blessing Mubaiwa 9/9 students
Intensive: Advanced Marimba (Intensive) - Marenje
Marimba: Teens, Adults; Advanced
Zivanai Masango 9/9 students
Advanced Teens Marimba - Bad Romance
Marimba: Teens; Advanced
Eric Miller 9/9 students
Intermediate Teens Marimba - Sekuru Joe
Marimba: Teens; Intermediate
 Hokoyo 6/9 students
Drumming & Singing - Vana Vangu Vakura
Singing, Drumming: Teens, Adults; Any skill level
Tonderai Ndava, Peacheson Ngoshi 8/25 students
Dance - Dancing with Leg Rattles (Magavhu)
Dance: Teens, Adults; Any skill level
Patience Chaitezvi 5/20 students
Intermediate Marimba - Vatorwa (Strangers in a Dream)
Marimba: Teens, Adults; Intermediate
 Ruzivo 4/9 students
Children's Games - How to Play Nhodo
Children: Any age; Any skill level
 Piwai 2/15 students